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Hi all you members,
we have a submission process a little long, because deviation need to be approved by 3 admins to be featured in our gallery.
We'd like to hear from members who are keen on urban exploration activity to be part of our admin team and help us select the best pictures of abandoned places to be featured.
Is there anyone interested?
Please answer here or in a private message to me o Batsceba.

Good exploring everyone!
My last journal, I guess.
So now there are new admins here:

jilta - she is going to be the main admin now
atomicrick - who already say hello;)

I hope it will work well:)
Atomicrick will be the admin now .. submit you art to the group and any comments to him ...ME!!
As you may easly notice, the club is actually dead from some time.
I don't have time to be there any more.  
Are there people who want to take over it and become admins?
Otherwise club will stay dead:P

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